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We bring a distinctive perspective to data sourcing and engineering, developing innovative AI solutions that enhance our client’s drive for efficiency and profitability.

Our next-gen intelligence solutions focus on risk management, compliance and business expansion. Additionally, we offer our expertise and resources to swiftly deploy bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs.

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AI driven business solutions”

AI driven
business solutions

Our solutions

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Distress Radar

Innovative protection

Companies often neglect systematic monitoring of insolvencies and distress signals, risking substantial losses and liabilities. Distress Radar is an innovative multi-regional solution designed to address the challenges businesses face in tracking overall stability of their clients, suppliers, and partners, enabling proactive risk mitigation, informed decision making, and heightened protection in today's volatile business landscape.

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Our platform seamlessly integrates hard data on insolvency with soft signals of distress to provide near-real time monitoring of businesses. While we leverage AI capabilities for large-scale data processing, we achieve unmatched accuracy and reliability by meticulously curating input data and output signals with human oversight. In addition, drawing from a comprehensive knowledge base of insolvency scenarios, we offer predictive risk intelligence with our machine learning-trained scoring mechanism.

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Investor copilot

AI driven analysis

In today's dynamic regulatory and geopolitical landscape, identifying optimal investment locations is challenging. Investor Copilot streamlines this process with AI-driven qualitative and quantitative analysis. Leveraging thousands of continuously updated legal documents and vast data points, it navigates intricate investments scenarios to point you to the best investment options in line with your business goals.

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The solution empowers governments to improve their investment environments and grants investors access to vital insights on optimal locations and sector-specific regulations.

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Insight Engine

Stay ahead with generative AI

Harness the power of generative AI and unparalleled data curation with our suite of virtual analysts. Designed for the modern enterprise, these solutions offer a deep dive into market dynamics, competitor strategies, and sector-specific trends, enabling businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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The solution seamlessly integrates expertly curated datasets with real-time news, emerging opportunities, and market trends – all this delivered to you through an innovative constellation of generative AI technologies.

About Us


We are a diverse group of lawyers, consultants and analysts united by our shared passion for the transformative power of data and technology.

Our founding team combines over a century of international consulting experience, with expertise covering a variety of business areas, including legal and strategic advisory services.

Throughout our collective journey, we have provided guidance to governments, international companies, multilateral institutions, and private clients on a range of critical matters, including navigating geopolitical risks, strategic investments, international expansion, insolvency and restructuring, client development strategies, and business development initiatives.

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